9 Ways to Practice Self-Care as a Photographer


Busy season is still going STRONG - 
So I'm sharing nine ways to practice self care
as a photographer!

Set boundaries

Don't open or answer emails after a certain time. Your brain will turn to business mode if you read a client email before bed!

Know your limits

If you HATE waking up for sunrise sessions, or you know you'll stress booking three sessions in a row, don't do it. We're in control of our own schedules, so if we don't like what's going on, CHANGE IT!

Say no

Got an inquiry in your inbox for something you really don't like doing? Say no! Even better, refer to another photographer who does like doing it.

Schedule time for YOU

Block off real calendar time for Netflix, a manicure, a dinner date, wine night, or a weekend away. Don't just take breaks "when your calendar is empty," because then it never will be.

Get massages

Photographers spend so much time on their feet and even more time hunched over a screen. Our wrists and hands need special attention, along with backs, shoulders, legs... basically everywhere. I try to get a massage every 3 months or so (but most say once a month is best, especially during wedding season) so that I'm preventing future damage to my body. If you live in Boston, Eva from Treatment Training Wellness is my GIRL!!!

Have a morning / evening routine

Ok, this one's for everyone, not just photographers, but I sure do love my bedtime routine. Laptop off, shower or wash my face with my favorite Lush products, brush and floss my teeth, moisturize, put lavender oil in the diffuser, and climb into my soft Jersey sheets. I'm not thinking about work, but I'm excited enough to sleep and wake up fresh and ready to tackle anything the next morning.

Take extended time off

Plan a vacation! If people with 9-5 jobs can take vacations and get away from work, so can freelancers! Block off a week or weekend and commit to not booking anything. 

Invest in the best systems you can

Taking care of yourself means making your life as easy, simple, automated, and streamlined as possible, which can be made easier with little things like email plugins, apps, workflows, CRM software, and more. Read about things that make my life easier here!

Get active

Yeah, we may be on our feet one Saturday a week for 8 hours straight, but during the week we can be sitting at a MacBook for 10 hours a day! Go for walks, join a gym, download Headspace for meditation, do yoga in your living room. Anything to get the blood flowing and giving your hands a break from getting carpal tunnel.


Email me your favorite ways to take care of yourself and I'll share on Instagram!


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Lena Mirisola

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