A Fourth of July wedding at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA


Erika & Charles met in high school over a decade ago on a double date - but not with each other. They went to separate colleges, wishing each other the occasional “Happy Birthday” on Facebook. As fate would have it, though, they met once again as classmates in grad school in Pennsylvania in 2016. They quickly became friends, and took a chance on each other - and they’re so glad they did!

Charles popped the question at Acadia National Park, and they both marvel at the fact that it took them so many miles and so many years to find each other, even though they grew up 15 minutes from each other. Erika picked out the perfect beach for their engagement photos at Crane Beach in Ipswich (peep their gorgeous sunrise photos here!) and celebrated their big day not too far away on the Fourth of July at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA.

They had a perfectly sunny day complete with a wild and energetic wedding party, photos of all their world travels together, American and Korean traditions blending together seamlessly, and an ice cream sundae bar to put the cherry on top of their perfect day. Congrats #teamcherika!!!

Thank you to all the amazing vendors!

Venue: Willowdale Estate - Photography: Lena Mirisola - Coordinator: Nichole Armano - Videography: Some Fuzzy - DJ: DJ Case - Hair + makeup: Love Notes By June - Florals: Karla Cassidy Designs - Dress: Pronovias - Bridesmaids dresses: Lulu’s - Grooms attire: Indochino - Rentals: PEAK

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A Popponesset Inn wedding on Cape Cod


Kelly & Dan are true New Yorkers, and very much in love with the city where they built their life together. Kelly is the master of NYC sunset skyline photos, and Dan is the head chef of their kitchen. They love taking long walks on the river, sharing drinks at the pier at happy hour, jetting off to new places (especially if they’re in Europe or involve a beach / pool) and good old Netflix marathons on their couch at home. Dan proposed underneath the Staple Street bridge in Manhattan, where they returned for their engagement photos last summer!

On a perfect 70 degree summer Friday, Kelly & Dan took happy hour to a new level with all their family and friends gathered at the Popponesset Inn in Mashpee on Cape Cod. Kelly wore her grandmother’s earrings, a new necklace from Dan, her mother’s blue sapphire ring, and borrowed a diamond bracelet from Dan’s mom. They read letters to each other back to back on the beach right before they turned around to see each other for their first look. Their ceremony was short and sweet just as they wanted it to be, then spent the night eating cupcakes (with their adorable catchphrase Mc2 on them - McDonough x McNichol), dancing with their besties, and grabbing late night bites of french fries!


Venue: Popponesset Inn - Photography: Lena Mirisola - Coordinator: Jennifer Perry - Videography: 4th Henry Productions - DJ + Photo Booth: TSG Weddings - Cake: The Icing on the Cake - Makeup: Danielle Austin - Hair: Patty Souza - Florals: J Doyle Florals - Bridemaids dresses: BHLDN - Groomswear: Jos A Bank - Lighting: Ryan Designs - Transportation: Cape Destinations

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A Chinese + Puerto Rican Boston City Hall Wedding


Luxi and Kenny met while both studying at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York 5 years ago. They were friends first, but not for long. They graduated, moved around the country for different jobs, and have been traveling back and forth to visit each other long distance from Pennsylvania —> Boston. They’re self-proclaimed nerds (and both super smart chemists), love hiking, snuggling on the couch watching tv together, being silly, and eating Chinese food.

Kenny proposed on their trip to Yellowstone last May, and they knew they wanted to have a low-key celebration in Boston. Kenny’s cousin traveled from upstate New York, his mom traveled from Puerto Rico, and Luxi’s parents flew in from China! They were so proud to incorporate both their cultures - Kenny wore a red tie (for good luck in Chinese culture) and flag pins from both their countries. Luxi swapped out her American wedding dress for a Chinese one, along with gold rings in the shape of a phoenix and a dragon, believed to be good luck and signify a marriage filled with unity, harmony, and balance.

Here’s to staying silly, remaining in harmony, and exploring every single national park together!

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Before you start planning: ONE MUST-DO TRICK!!!


You’re engaged, yasss! You’ve told everyone, posted a ring selfie, and now it’s time to start researching venues and reaching out to vendors.



It’s that simple. Create an email address for all things wedding. Use this account when you email venues, vendors, anything related to planning. Why?


No more spending time digging through your inbox for wedding correspondences, accidentally forgetting to reply, or sorting them into folders - everything is in one place.

Dual access

No need to also clog your partner’s inbox with CC’s of your conversation with a florist - they can just log into the account and see everything there and add the convo themselves if needed.


Sometimes you just need to RELAX for a weekend and not think about wedding planning… so this way, it’s not streaming into your phone or inbox 24/7. You choose when to log in - and more importantly, when to log out.


Gmail accounts also come with Google Sheets, Docs, and more - so you can put your vendor contact info into a spreadsheet and share it with everyone, send family your timeline, write notes and ideas into documents - it’s your one stop digital wedding planner folder.


After the wedding, don’t forget to set up a forward to your normal email account so your vendors can keep in touch after the wedding if they need to, or give your photographer or planner your personal email so they can get in touch with you about features / getting published, have updated addresses to send gifts, all that good stuff.

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A foggy Good Harbor Beach engagement in Gloucester, MA


Amanda & Florian had Good Harbor Beach all to themselves on this foggy June morning. These two are clearly beach people - they love taking trips to Cape Cod, and they’re tying the knot in Maine by the ocean. Florian is an environmental scientist from Germany, and Amanda is an incredible oil painter. They live in Cambridge together after meeting on Bumble a few years ago, and found out they go together like PB&J.

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The wedding investment you'll never regret


Here’s something you can’t hide on your wedding day… your SMILE. Every angle, that thing is gonna be on full display - there’s just way too much joy to stifle that! But a huge thing I see clash with a gorgeous white dress or snappy tux are yellow or discolored teeth. When you’ve got em, you feel self-conscious, which is not something you ever deserve to be feeling on your best day ever. Even if your front teeth are a lovely shade of white, make sure to check the sides in the mirror… I’ve photographed a lot of “ombre” mouths, haha! Just like getting your nails done, a facial, or a haircut, whitening your teeth is a must-do before your wedding. My boss lady friend and super skilled orthodontist Dr. Ella Osborn is here dropping her knowledge to help couples like YOU!


You’ll want to smile freely, laugh fully and carry the memories of this joyful day eternally. And you KNOW that the secret sauce to a legendary celebration is in the planning. If you ever have a moment’s hesitation about grinning your biggest grin or flashing a big open mouth smile for a selfie, then a strategy for your pearly whites should be high on your list. It’s no surprise that your best bet is to think about this way in advance.

Depending on your goals, it may be wise to start contemplating this bit as soon as you get engaged, if not before! To ensure that nothing gets in the way of your beaming, gleaming grin, start by checking in with a professional. As with anything very important (you only have one set of teeth!) it is ill-advised to take risks – your best bet is to leave it to the pros. If your teeth are beautifully straight and your smile brilliantly broad, you may only need a bit of whitening to brighten your smile. 

Don’t worry. We’ve got loads of options for you. But first, no amount of external whitening (applying stuff to the surfaces of your teeth) will be effective if the discoloration is from the inside-out. This can be the result of trauma or tetracycline, among other reasons. That is why it’s important to have a discussion with your dentist about what's making your teeth look dull. Most common reasons for not-so-bright teeth are extrinsic (the result of coffee, tea, wine, turmeric and everyday life) The degree of discoloration and the condition of your teeth will affect how well any whitening regimen works.


Brighten your smile

A gently whitening toothpaste is a great place to start as are small changes like cutting down on teeth-staining drinks like coffee and tea (or drinking them through a straw). But that alone will not deliver the result you’re looking for. For a little more impact and a conservative investment, look to at-home teeth whitening kit. These are little strips with over-the-counter grade whitening material that are placed directly on the teeth twice a day for 30 minutes.  Beware that these don’t go all the way to your back teeth (molars and premolars). If you have a wide smile that shows your back teeth, you’ll have the tooth equivalent of a “tan line” with the back teeth slightly darker than your 6 front teeth.


Leave it to the pros

If that’s not cutting it, or you’re in a rush or plain don’t want to spend an hour a day fighting drool, there are professional whitening options that will deliver faster and more substantial results. Varying strength of in-office and at-home whitening treatments are available through dental professionals. These are stronger than what you’ll find in the toothpaste isle and may not be suitable for everyone. Your trusted dentist or specialist will work with you to come up with a tailored whitening plan that meets your goals, timeline and budget.  

There’s always the temptation to DIY and “hack-it” or look for the most economical option or fad. Right now, that fad is whitening with activated charcoal. A quick search and you’ll read that it will absorb staining from your teeth, along with being therapeutic, all natural, eco-friendly, organic, pure and every other consumer-appealing claim out there. In reality, these claims are unsubstantiated without any science or clinical studies to confirm that these products do what they say they do. We know that activated charcoal is very abrasive and can damage your enamel, much like scrubbing your hands with steel wool to get them clean. Ouch. 

The last thing you want to fret about is a dull smile during your wedding festivities. See a professional, come up with a plan and leave yourself a buffer to avoid a stressful mad rush at the eleventh hour. It’s your moment to shine! Enjoy every single second!


Dr. Ella Osborn is a board-certified specialist in orthodontics, Invisalign and accelerated tooth alignment. Dr. Osborn’s extensive training and experience combined with a passion for harmonizing the smile with a balanced facial aesthetic yields an unmatched result. She is ecstatic to bring the life-changing power of a new smile through holistic mile rejuvenation to all who live, work and play in Seaport. 


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A romantic, 1930's inspired Boston Public Garden wedding


Boston City Hall may have cancelled their appointment, but the show went on for Katherine & Geoff’s romantic, 1930’s inspired wedding day!


Katherine & Geoff met almost a decade ago in the most random of places - Bloomington, Indiana. Geoff was studying French history and Katherine was studying Russian language and culture - neither of which they utilize for anything but witty dinner conversation. They moved to Boston in 2014 and bought a home together a few years later. They have a “fickle feline overlord” named Beau, who followed Geoff home on his mail route one day. Instant member of the family! They love watching old movies (especially Casablanca), taking walks around the neighborhood hand in hand, exploring new places, dishing about fantasy card games and Star Trek, and trying new recipes.

They had planned a simple City Hall wedding, picked the date, and got it engraved on the inside of their wedding bands… and then they got a call from City Hall cancelling their appointment (and all appointments that day) for meetings. So what did they do? Katherine & Geoff took a deep breath and found another way! Priscilla Geaney is my favorite Justice of the Peace who I’ve worked with over the years at my “big weddings” - so we knew who to call right away!

The weather was slated to pour all day, which it definitely did during their ceremony, but we had a few totally clear hours to shoot around the Boston Public Garden and Beacon Hill (which were EMPTY from the rain!) before heading to Long Wharf to pop a bottle of champagne. Smart cookie Katherine swapped her Jimmy Choo’s for LL Bean boots to walk almost 4 miles around the city! She sported a dress from the 1930’s, and wrapped around her bouquet were her mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and great great grandmother’s wedding rings. Four generations of women! Incredible. They finished with a glass of champagne, sang “Singing In The Rain,” and went home to dry of and feed the cat before their celebratory wedding dinner.


Photography: Lena Mirisola - Officiant: Priscilla Geaney - Hair and Makeup: Station 8 Salon - Dress: Female Hysteria - Tux: Frank’s Custom Tailoring - Flowers - New Leaf Flores - Hair combs - Amore Treasure

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A sunny Boston City Hall + Esplanade Wedding


Félicitations and felicidades to Ariane + David = the most perfect French + Chilean pair to ever get married in the beautiful city of Boston. They love their little backyard in the South End, where David proposed to Ariane on a perfect sunny day at home with their cats. They love going on long walks when the weather is nice, so they chose to do just that on their wedding day! From Boston City Hall (where Ariane loved officiant Maureen’s antique typewriter) to the Boston Public Garden all the way to the Esplanade where they popped a French bottle of champagne.

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A North End + Boston City Hall Wedding


Karley & Aidan tied the knot at Boston City Hall and had an absolute blast! She's from Canada, he's from Massachusetts, and they met in VEGAS! She even rocked a Red Sox jacket to show a little Boston sports team spirit. They took a walk to the historically Italian neighborhood The North End, and stopped into the famous Mike’s Pastry for some celebratory cannolis!

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A glamorous, springtime Boston City Hall + Public Garden wedding


"You're the salt to my vinegar, the almond butter to my jelly, the lime to my tequila..."

They compliment each other in the best of ways: ramen for Nichole, Thai for Kass. Wine for Nichole, whiskey for Kass. Nichole's shopping weakness are candles, Kass's are shoes.

After almost 4 years and a sweet, sweet proposal at their home in February, these two said I DO! With lots of tears + tissues obvi. Their vow books matched the baby blue painted iron of the bridge over the Boston Public Garden pond, and they got married on the same day that famous swans Romeo & Juliet were released into the park for the summer season. Could you ask for any more perfect, romantic timing!?

We all prepared for pouring rain, and instead the universe gave us a beautiful Boston day. These two have been through a lifetime of ups and downs together already, in sickness and health, and truly cherish every moment with each other. Here’s to the new B Family!!! xox

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Published: Luxurious Newport Wedding in Bliss Celebrations Magazine


Amanda & Vinny's exquisite @castlehillinn wedding - "grandeur by the sea" as told by @blisscelebrations!⁣⠀
Thank you to all the INCREDIBLE vendor team that made this day happen. We braved a bit of rain and fog, huddled under blankets in JUNE, and watched with pride as Amanda & Vinny started this new chapter of their lives together.⁣⠀

See their full blog HERE

Published: Martha's Vineyard Wedding in Bridal Musings

Ana & Adam's wedding is live on Bridal Musings - but this isn't just any old feature. They broke down every piece of the wedding, talking about their favorite moments, what they danced to, their style choices, inspiration, planning, proposal story... AND THEIR FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER!

Most in-depth wedding feature ever - you get to learn SO MUCH from Ana & Adam!!!

Bridal Musings Marthas Vineyard Lena Mirisola published.png.jpg

the sweetest excerpt from the article…

“Ana actually started stalking Lena’s social media years before we were engaged. When Lena launched her wedding business, Ana reached out and confessed that she loved her style, her website, and her eye and was 100% calling her when she got engaged.

Lena was the first vendor Ana emailed when she got engaged. In addition to her pure, raw talent Lena is a gem of a human. She is incredibly bubbly, positive, fun and makes any situation behind the camera feel completely natural. She has a way of making you feel completely at ease while she works and makes every moment fun. She captured the whole spectrum of raw emotions throughout the big day because it felt far more like hanging out with a friend than being photographed. I would say that is what makes working with Lena truly special. She has a wonderful gift of capturing people as they are, in the most beautiful of ways, in what results in the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen. She is a wonder to work with and a true joy to have accompanying you on your big day. In fact, we have become great friends as a result of the process.”


See their full blog HERE!

A Crane Beach engagement in Ipswich, MA


Erika & Charles met in high school over a decade ago on a double date - but not with each other. They went to separate colleges, wishing each other the occasional “Happy Birthday” on Facebook. As fate would have it, though, they met once again as classmates in grad school in Pennsylvania in 2016. They quickly became friends, and took a chance on each other - and they’re so glad they did!

Charles popped the question at Acadia National Park, and they both marvel at the fact that it took them so many miles and so many years to find each other, even though they grew up 15 minutes from each other.

Queue the fireworks; they’re getting married on the Fourth of July at Willowdale Estate this year! But Erika did her research and found the PRETTIEST beach for their engagement photos - Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA, where they absolutely ROCKED their session!

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A Zambian-American Brookline Town Hall wedding


Aimee & Bruce tied the knot 5 minutes down the street from their home at Brookline Town Hall - but their love story started almost 5 years ago!⁣

Aimee was originally introduced to Africa when she was sent to South Africa with the US Peace Corps. She absolutely loved it, and moved a few countries over to Zambia for another job, where she met social butterfly lawyer Bruce. He showed her around his country, explaining the history and culture, and after that, they were inseparable. Bruce moved from Africa to Boston to attend BU Law school, and told Aimee that she was what he wanted for his future. They took her family jewelry and mixed it with emerald, one of Zambia’s largest exports. Aimee and Bruce both incorporated bright Zambian colors in their wardrobe and accessories - EPIC!!!⁣

Bruce revels in good beer and English soccer, and Aimee loves researching new places to travel to together and taking a relaxing (and intellectual) stroll through a museum.⁣ Their families from California and Zambia came to celebrate the new Mr. & Mrs. Mwauluka and pop some champagne in the city today - give these two some newlywed LOVE!!!

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An emotional Boston City Hall + Beacon Hill wedding

An emotional Boston City Hall + Beacon Hill wedding

Wani & Oscar had an incredible, emotional Boston City Hall wedding - they cried during their vows, exchanged sparkly rings, took the T to Beacon Hill, got scolded by a security guard at the MA State House, ran into a co-worker, froze their fingers off for the name of love and photography, and ended at their favorite cafe in the whole wide world: Tatte.

A Boston City Hall Wedding on Valentine's Day


Amanda & Trent will tickle you pink with their Boston City Hall wedding on Valentines Day! They tied the knot in their favorite city before catching a flight just two hours later to their honeymoon in New Orleans!⁣⠀

Their ceremony and some of their portraits afterwards were actually filmed by an NBC news crew... not sure if we ever made it on TV, but you bet we were excited!

Amanda sported the FLUFFIEST pink coat with a perfectly matching lace belt and the most adorable vintage kitten heels. Trent came in blazing with maroon trousers, floral tie, and tan jacket. FASHION ICONS!!!⁣⠀

These two bonded over their love of vinyl records and live music three years ago, and now live together with their happy, quirky family.

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A botanical garden engagement at Tower Hill in Boylston, MA

A botanical garden engagement at Tower Hill in Boylston, MA

Christina & Wil left their home in Boston for a very colorful winter engagement session at Tower Hill Botanical Garden in Boylston, MA! What do you do when the garden gives you lemons? Pop champagne!

A winter engagement in Seaport, Boston

A winter engagement in Seaport, Boston

This winter engagement session in Seaport, Boston will warm your heart! Confetti, rooftop snuggles, and a big pop of champagne for Jen & Mike’s perfect celebration.

A surprise winter wedding in Seaport, Boston

Buckle up for this beautiful Seaport wedding in Boston!

Kristi & Doug know that good things come to those who wait - and these two waited SIXTEEN YEARS! On a cold winter night in 2001, Kristi attended a house party that Doug was at. After introducing himself, he leapt like a frog over the couch to grab her a drink. A year later they started dating, and the rest was history. They got engaged in the Amalfi Coast in 2013, had a beautiful baby boy, and decided to tie the knot in their old neighborhood of Seaport. They surprised their family and friends by throwing a pop-up wedding on the waterfront with less than two weeks notice, after scratching their City Hall plans to be able to include more of their family and friends.

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