The scheduling hack that will change your life


Today I’m going over how to optimize your calendar and your time with ONE easy trick.

Whether you’re full-time in your business or hustling on the side, how do you maximize your time? Remember: Beyonce has the same 24 hours in a day just like you do.

What’s one thing that can save you
the MOST time with zero effort?

S T A C K I N G .

Stacking is the art of scheduling tasks
and appointments together
to eliminate travel time.

If I have a 10am dentist appointment then a friend wants to grab a bite, I’ll schedule lunch for 11:30am in the same neighborhood. Instead of interrupting my day and traveling to the dentist, back from the dentist, then two hours later leave again to meet up with a friend, then commute back home, I do everything at once.




15 min - stop working, get ready to leave
30 min - commute to appointment
1 hour - appointment
30 min - commute back home
15 min - settle in and get back in your work groove
Total time: 2 hours 30 minutes



Say you had two meetings planned that day. If you stack them instead of doing them separately, you’ll save 1 hour and 30 minutes of your precious time! Watch Netflix with that time. Spend it with family. Get your work done. The possibilities are endless!

Schedule strategically, whether that’s because of traffic or your own productivity. If you’re super productive in the mornings, schedule your outings in the afternoon. If you’re a night owl, schedule tasks in the morning or afternoon. Try not to leave the house more than once a day.I know that sounds hermit-y, but running all your errands and going to appointments together will maximize your free time.

It’s better to have one day with three back to back places to be than three days where you interrupt your flow every single day!


is to start stacking activities for the next two weeks and report back on how it went for you!


Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.