Have You Used the TINDER of TAX WRITE-OFFS?



I used to manually track all of my business mileage. Even worse, I waited until tax season to go through my shoot log, Google Map the distances, and add them all up. YIKES! I was missing key write-off mileage like meetings, trips to the post office, visits to the store for supplies, and more. 

Until… MileIQ came along!

First, download the app on the App Store. It automatically senses and logs all your drives. Like a fairy godmother in the background. Every few days, I’ll open the app and swipe LEFT for business or RIGHT for personal! You can export monthly reports and even annotate the drives to remind you exactly what the drive was for. Every penny counts when you can deduct $0.56/mile on your taxes.

You get 40 drives/month FREE or unlimited drives for $59.99/year, but in true coupon queen fashion, you can get 20% off if you sign up with this link! Happy driving, happy saving!

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Lena Mirisola

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