Go from a person to a BRAND


Today, I’m talking about why being a wedding photographer DOESN’T MATTER at all.

Crazy to say that, right? Here’s the logic. Whether you’re a florist, photographer, writer, accountant, lawn mower… people found you and liked your work. But if you only post about being a photographer, that narrows down your audience. If only your followers knew you loved up-cycling old furniture! Or fishing! Or volunteering at an animal shelter! There's probably someone out there really into DIY furniture who's not in need of a photographer right now, but they can't follow you if they can't connect with you!

TAKE ACTION: Think of a few things that you love / are unique to you. Mine are cooking / food, bubble tea, traveling, and city life. Because I’m passionate about these topics, it’s easy to talk about them. It widens my audience, because someone who isn’t getting married in Boston in the next 12 months has a reason to follow me and tune into what I’m saying and the imagery I’m creating. Connection points are where the MAGIC happen!

Are you sure this works? Answer: YES! My old Twitter bio used to say that I loved pretending to cook like a Food Network pro. An editor at a stock agency, ImageSource, found me through the glorious rabbit role of the internet and connected with that funny little tidbit about myself  before ever even emailing me. 4 years later, I pay my rent through the passive income I earn every month from ImageSource.

The only way we grow is through change - so start mixing in posts about the things you LOVE. Give yourself a chance to cultivate a wider audience that will connect with you on a deeper level and feel invested in you and your journey! You never know what will happen when you find something in common with a stranger.


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Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.