Tips for your shoot in Boston


Tips to getting the most out of your Boston shoot

So you’re coming to the city for a shoot, yahoo!

Here are the best practices to prep for your shoot in unexpected ways:



Boston is always full of traffic! Leave at least 20 minutes of buffer time when driving into the city. Plan to park in a garage near the shoot location. If you happen to see an open meter near the garage, score! But never, ever assume you will find one.

Taking public transportation?

It never runs on time! Leave 10-15 minutes of buffer time to get your shoot then walk to the location.

Get there early

Shoots are scheduled at specific times for the most flattering light. Getting to your shoot on time or early is crucial for a successful shoot, as we can’t control when the sun sets!

Pack light

You’re going to be photographed without your purse and bags, and because it’s the city, we can’t leave them unattended. Anything you bring should be able to fit in an empty backpack, which I bring to every shoot to carry my clients’ belongings!

That's all for now - happy shooting in the best city ever!


Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.