A Castle Island beach engagement in Boston, MA

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

Katie & Roger are two very down to Earth, VERY funny people. Katie admittedly takes the reigns in the relationship - she left a neighborhood party years ago by handing Roger her number and instructing him to call her. The rest was history, and the two are tying the knot at Pierce House this October. They love spending time with family, traveling to new places together, spending time with their energetic dog Max, and watching football every weekend in the fall.

We had to reschedule at the last moment due to stormy weather, but were rewarded with a spectacular cloudy sunset over the ocean at Castle Island in Boston. They love the water, so it was only natural that they pop a bottle of champagne there and celebrate! 

A champagne & sparkler Cape Cod engagement

A few years ago, Stephanie fell for John... no, really - she tripped over his foot.

After persistently asking for Stephanie's phone number three times afterwards, she gave him her email address - you know, just in case. They began to exchange love letters in the weeks following, and before they knew it, they were in love. As Stephanie says, "We had so much in common, yet we are still so different, from the very start. I am a very detail-oriented, Type A, future-oriented person. John is more laidback, spontaneous and always cracking me up even when I am stressed. We balance each other out." John proposed to her in a vineyard in Rhode Island in May, and they're so excited to get married!

Stephanie & John's dream engagement shoot took place at John's family's home on Cape Cod. This beach front beauty was built from the ground up in 1951 by John's grandfather - how amazing! We started with pizza, took a walk around the charming neighborhood, and then popped champagne on the beach and lit some sparklers to conclude the night. Amazing is an understatement!

An elegant Massachusetts State House engagement in Boston

"How do you spell love?" — Piglet
"You don't spell love. You feel it." — Winnie the Pooh

After three years, Dave still makes Dani smile so wide, her cheeks get sore. These two are SO excited to be engaged - and he did it at Dani’s favorite place in the whole wide world: Walt Disney World! They’re planning on tying the knot after Dani finishes grad school. They picked a very unique location for their engagement session: the Massachusetts State House! Dave works at the gorgeous, European-looking mansion that is the State House, so he worked a little magic to let us shoot in the empty building. They rocked their session and finished at the park under the willow trees in the last lick of golden light.

Laura & Alex // An autumn Arboretum engagement

"Be silly and laugh every day, be thoughtful and generous, kiss each other good night, learn from each other, fall in love and grow old together."

I meet with every couple I book in person. And I love seeing the real faces and personalities behind the emails. However, it was on Laura & Alex's engagement shoot when it clicked with me that they're perfectly matched for each other. The sun from earlier in the day decided to split, casting a dark set of clouds over the Arboretum. This was no match for Laura & Alex, though - they put up with all my bad jokes and embarrassing things I do to get them to laugh, and Alex even showed off his non-existent dance moves for me. Rewind, though, to Alex & Laura going to local shows on The Cape years ago. The two of them lost touch, then reconnected when they happened to both move to Boston, and the spark was there! Alex proposed while they were vacationing on Captiva Island in Florida, and the two are tying the knot on Cape Cod! They love going to shows, cooking, photography (and film!!!) and listening to their favorite records together. Alex & Laura take adorable to a whole new level! A&L, everyone!

Courtney & Mark // A Newbury Street engagement

"Engagement is the time when you have a clear view of how wonderful your coming life will be."

Courtney & Mark are quite the wonderful pair - and it all started in 10th grade math class. Did they know that one day she would be walking down the aisle towards him, as his smile beamed? Of course now! But on Valentines Day that year, they started dating, and eight years later... we have a Mr. & Mrs. Roffi to be! Courtney shines like a star, and Mark is a charmer. When they're not dreaming about the beach during these cold winter months, they love seeing their favorite country artists live in concert and cheering for the Red Sox at home games. Their engagement shoot was extra special, because Miss Courtney was celebrating her birthday!!! Okay, needless to say, I was stoked about that fact. She danced around the common in her INCREDIBLE tulle skirt like Cinderella, her and Mark kissed and hugged and loved, and we all treated ourselves to some candle-lit sweets from Georgetown Cupcake. All I could think of was her spinning around, with "So this is love" from the classic Cinderella playing in the background. A perfect way to spend a Sunday :)

Sanjiv & Thithya // A charming Beacon Hill engagement

Sanjiv & Thithya pretty much took the cake for LM’s Best Dressed 2k15. Not that there was a contest or anything, but when they walked out of the Arlington T station, I was bubbling excitement at the fact that they were my clients. Thithya flew into Boston from Colorado the previous day, and not only were they both just so excited to see each other again, they were excited for their engagement session that was now three months in the making! They’re tying the knot this February with a traditional Indian wedding, and they’re proud to say that their families really love each other and that they’re looking forward to all the amazing food and celebration that will be taking place in their honor.

For all my Boston shoots, I always start with the gorgeous willow trees in the park, and spontaneously choose which direction in which we will break off - Newbury Street, Chinatown, Copley, Downtown Crossing… but on this crisp fall day, we were walking through the park, and Sanjiv asked, “Can we go to Beacon Hill after this?” I was thrilled; to Beacon Hill we went, and the rest is history.

Jennie & Tyler // A downtown Boston rooftop shoot

“And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars.”

Autumn: a great time of the year for snuggling. For golden yellow sweaters. Knitted beanies. Adorable boots. Cold-nosed kisses. Flannels. And cozying up to a crackling bonfire with hot apple cider in hand. Also, for freezing your phalanges off on a roof.

Jennie & Tyler strolled through Haymarket as the last sun of the day kissed their faces. They exemplified their bravery, climbing eight stories up a fire escape with their knees shaking, all for the sake of photos. But as the saying goes, hard work goes a long way... the view from the North End rooftop was to die for. We adventured out to a new spot high above Faneuil Hall, looking the Custom House Tower straight in the eye, encompassed by 360 degrees of Boston. 

Thank you miss Jennie Ross as always! She's a talented model with Maggie Inc, and Tyler is a fantastic photographer. What a dream team.

Amanda & Adam // A romantic countryside engagement

"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite."

Amanda & Adam, two peas in a pod. The pair met at Lafayette College four years ago, and fast forward a few years full of love, kisses, a home, and a little pup named Toby, Adam popped the question this spring. She said yes... and #aturnsgrey next fall in New Jersey! The pair lives in Washington, DC, but drove all the way up to MA for their engagement shoot. Incredible much? When they're not playing with their adorable dog, they love listening to thunderstorms, decorating their home with rustic little details, spending cozy nights in watching Netflix, and coming home with sunflowers when they need a little sunshine. I can't wait for their wedding!

Sabrina & Mike // An autumn, nature-filled engagement

“We're both very lucky to have this amazing bond with one another. We truly are soul mates & best friends ❤️ not to mention we’re both pretty hilarious.”

Mike & Sabrina: old souls, lovers, best friends. They love going to concerts on date nights, and they have so much fun tailgating and jamming out together. As Sabrina said, “There’s nothing greater than being at a concert with your best friend!” The pair, accompanied by their SUPER CUTE pup Ray, joined me for a cozy evening in the most incredible field. Moving to Boston and out of Westford has meant no more fields. I love shooting in the city - I adore it! But those fields back home have had my heart for years, so I made a special trip out to the country, and boy was it worth it. Fall may have made the flowers crisp up, but the field is golden and glowing. The sunset was exquisite. And getting SOAKED, I mean doused with champagne was the cherry on top of an amazing night hanging out with Mike & Sabrina. Show them some love!

Kate & Ryan // Poppin' champagne

Friday night, turn up.

Kate & Ryan are a fun loving, puppy loving couple. They brought along their furry baby Oliver, fondly nicknamed Ollie. Kate & Ryan love Ollie almost as much as they love each other. They’re silly, fun, and the perfect example of young love that has grown into something much more. Sporting her gorgeous Free People dress, Kate laughed and and danced with Ryan until their sundown champagne pop. 

Give it up for these t̶w̶o̶ three!

Maria & Casey // Lucky in love

"I wrote notes on her skin in flesh toned permanent ink that would sink and sit inside as I tried to underline the important parts of her: bellybutton, birthmark, collarbone. And I wrote notes explaining that hers felt like silk stretched over stone."

- Shane Koyczan

Maria & Casey, on an overcast and rather blustery day, walked arm in arm together on the cobblestones downtown, giggling at each other, and as a beam of sunshine burst through the clouds, their foreheads touched together into a heart and they came in closer for a kiss.

Ah, these two and their grand fairytale.

I'm pretty sure Maria got both of her birthday wishes: a truly wonderful man, and a photo shoot with him.


Matt & Melissa // Yours, forever.

I could spend hours with these two. I enjoy their company ever so much.

Matt & Melissa contacted me a LONG time ago inquiring about wedding photography. It was Matt who actually emailed me - a surprise to me, as it's usually the bride who does that. We actually booked before even meeting - they gushed over my work and I gushed back at them! We finally met over some always delicious green iced tea, and knowing we were the perfect fit was just reinforced even more! I fell in love with these two, and we planned their engagement session months ahead of time. Timeless but contemporary, dabbled with bits of rustic & vintage props.

M&M are SO in love with each other, and I just loved being around them. They're some of the kindest people you'll ever meet, with a witty sense of humor and the biggest hearts. Matt is a marine & a firefighter, so a big THANK YOU goes out to all he sacrifices for us. Melissa is just the definition of a sweetheart. They're just perfect for each other, and I'M excited for them to spend the rest of their lives together!

We all had to much fun at the session - finally being able to shoot together after so much anticipation! We were sweaty and hot, covered in sticky champagne from the picnic, and still smiling. We got ice cream afterwards and talked about everything from our favorite flavors to college roommate stories to what they liked to do for date nights. Which, I loved Matt's answer to. 

"Anything, really. Just as long as I'm with her."

Needless to say, I cannot wait for their wedding next fall.

Enjoy our ice cream selfie! And all the stunning pictures that I couldn't stop smiling at while editing.


Ashlee & Curtis // A love story

It's very much my pleasure to introduce Ashlee (aka Shlee) & Curtis (Curt). Residents of the 19th floor (three above mine), these two have had such a romantic little love story. Shlee is silly, fun, a great friend, and just the kind of person you want to be around. And I can't say enough good things about Curt - he's kind, so caring to Shlee, polite & generous, and also funny! The two of them make an awesome MassArt power couple. We spent the morning from dorm to streets, adventuring around Boston to some lovely culinary spots (Subway & Starbucks... that's college folks). It was almost 50 degrees out... such an amazing day to be out and about! And for the record, I didn't almost let them get hit by the E train. They had plenty of room... ;). Everything was just wonderful and I'm beyond excited to share these photographs with you all.

This is what it's like to be young and in love.