This Trick Cut HOURS Off My Workflow!


A huge part of improving efficiency is being organized. Calendars, lists, and reminders are invaluable to organization. But what happens when a client from last year needs their teeth whitened for a print? Where did I put those web logos? 

Organizing your files is just as important as organizing your calendar.

If you have a solid workflow, you’ll always be organized.

Here’s a look into my workflow -

1) Import RAW files from CF card. I copy straight from the card, and make a folder on my desktop called "(Client Name) RAW"

2)  Cull with PhotoMechanic. I permanently delete any duplicates, blinks, and photos that won’t make the final cut

3) Copy RAW folder to external drive

Back up, back up, then back up again. Right now, you have RAWs on the card, laptop, and external drive. I also have BackBlaze, which is an automated backup program that is constantly live backing up my files from my laptop to the cloud! 

4) Edit RAWs in Lightroom. I mainly use the VSCO Kodak Portra 400 preset, remove the grain, and perform all color, WB, contrast, and exposure edits

5) Export as full res JPGs into a new folder “(Client) JPG” on the desktop

6) Edit in Photoshop

7) Rename files to "Client-1, Client-2” and so on. This eliminates missing file numbers for the photos you culled out, and eliminates questions as to where the 500 photos you shot went.

8) Upload full res files to Pixieset

9) Open Picasa to star favorites from the shoot for the blog. Cull them down to 10-20 selects, create diptychs, and export to “Client Blog Big”

10) Import the blog folder to Lightroom - export in sRGB and 2048px at the widest for best web display to “Client Blog Small”

11) Upload images to their blog, write the blog, proofread, and publish

12) Send the gallery to my client, along with their blog link

13) Post their photo and blog on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

14) Delete RAW folder and Big Blog folder, drop Small Blog folder into their main shoot folder, and move their shoot folder to Lena Mirisola Photography > 2015 Client Shoots


By having a solid workflow, files don’t get lost, I can pull up old shoots in a jiffy, and I always have a game plan when it comes to shoots. Any workflow tips that you guys suggest? 

Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.