Work life balance:

Three words I get asked about by more entrepreneurs than I can count.

It's kind of a joke when your business IS your life... balancing it? HA!

How do you have timeto hang out with friends? Significant other? Hobbies? How do you step away from your business, or how do you dedicate more time to it?

The answer is surprisingly simple: SCHEDULING.

Your calendar is your best friend in the entire universe now. Congrats! On the calendar, you have important categories. Business and personal. I color code mine ;)

I input all my shoots and editing time. But, as you all know, when your calendar looks empty, those are the dates we give to clients asking for meetings and shoots. Those are the days we fill with work. So what do you need to do?

Fill the calendar with personal time. BLOCK IT OFF!

Be the nerd who schedules social time. As you get older, it's harder to carve out time between work and friends. Look at your calendar, pick a night, and text your BFF for a dinner date. Then put it on the calendar. 

Once it's on the calendar, it's non-negotiable.

It's not something you an override with a shoot or a meeting (unless it's an emergency). That is your obligation.

Even my boyfriend and I invite each other to weekends away, Dumpling Tuesdays, and random dinners during the week. We MAKE time for each other. My friends laugh when I ask them to dinner 4 weeks away, but I'd rather commit to a date then let the time pass by, fill it with work, and all of a sudden 3 months go by before I realize I've seen the people I care about. 

If you have such a large workload that you can’t imagine blocking off non-work time, then you need to take a step backwards and examine your processes. Clean up your workflow, cut social media time by batch scheduling posts, and increase your expected turnaround time for clients to give you more breathing room. If you want to maximize your time even more (like I do), you can read about stacking your calendar here!

There's no point in avoiding a 9-5 job if you work 24/7 and are too exhausted to take time OFF to spend with family, friends, or a day doing nothing but watching Netflix.

And after you schedule some REST for yourself, check out 9 ways to practice self-care as a photographer!

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Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.