What camera should I get?


What camera should I get?

Hey everyone! Today I'm talking about the most popular question I get asked:


I get asked this so many times each week, and the honest answer is,


I'm most familiar and savvy with professional Canon DSLR models ($3k and up), and this girl is not schooled in Nikon either! I'd rather be honest with everyone :)

However, I've done some research for you!

Entry level cameras are SO darn great nowadays. You truly can’t go wrong buying a brand new Canon Rebel ($360), Canon T5i ($499), or even older used models. When buying a used camera, you need to know the shutter count - this is like mileage on a car. Choose something with 20-30k actuations or less. You can look up the shutter lifespan of the model you’re looking at online. Most of these entry level cameras shoot 1080p HD video, have huge file sizes, and tons of features you’ll never use - so don't worry, it's really hard to pick a "bad" one!

What I DO know for certain is that the kit lenses these cameras come with are terrible. They’re at a really high f stop and they’re, well... crap! So, buy a 50mm 1.8 for $125 and you’ll be WOWED!!! The low f stop means you can shoot in low light situations, and your backgrounds will be super creamy because the depth of field is so small! This is the perfect lens to have for portraits and everyday use (however not really for landscape because it’s a fixed zoom, not wide angle).

I hope this helped! Happy shooting!


Lena Mirisola

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