Chicago -> NYC Catchup

I'm playing catch-up today! Between Chicago and NYC, then coming back to classes, homework, essays, shoots, and travel planning, I've been on top of all my homework and behind on all my stock submits. But today, I found the glorious time to do my edits and submit just under 200 photos to ImageSource (I signed my contract, it's official guys!) and caught up with SheStock submits as well. It feels SO good to get things done, am I right?

I have some really exciting things on the horizon; California with my best friend in the world, out of the country expedition to Vermont & Canada next weekend, Vivian Maier's documentary release, the kickoff to wedding season with Joanna & Ryan, and a big stock road trip to Maine with the coolest cat Claire (and Barb of course). 

Today, I blew my runny allergy nose, and with a confident but nasally voice, called up seven advertising agencies in LA and San Francisco for interviews to look at my book. Am I an adult yet?

I'll end with one of my favorite quotes, from a woman I truly admire: 

Well, I suppose nothing is meant to last forever. We have to make room for other people. It’s a wheel. You get on, you have to go to the end. And then somebody has the same opportunity to go to the end and so on.”

- Vivian Maier

All my love,


P.S. - NYC pictures below!

Lena Mirisola

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