This week in photos // No. 69

adventure is worthwhile. 

- aristotle


A lot of exploring this week. Besides today, I took two photos with my phone this week. Two! Fantastic. This week was just full of work and doctors appointments and rain and not many things worth taking a photograph of. I did however, enjoy lots of great food (shoutout to my favorite Vietnamese back home, Pho 88), went on too many Trader Joes runs, ate pizza and watched The Grand Budapest Hotel on Saturday night, and enjoyed at least 3 (at least?) malted moo crunch ice creams in waffle cones at Kimballs.

Sunday funday though... I went adventuring up in the Hollis, NH area... sat on the edge of a dam and listened to the waterfalls around us, stopped in the Pepperell Town Forest, walked through a very quiet and very green orchard, and practiced self control at the flea market, spending only $3 for a beautiful blue ball jar (yes I still have a problem) for my apartment. I'm off to Gibbet Hill for an amazing meal tonight, and we topped off another two rolls of film. 

If you're wondering about the "we" -- I have a wonderful nugget of a best friend and partner, with whom I've shared adventures since the last few days of 2014. He usually lies low on the blog every week, but most of my adventures do include him. We both shoot with the disposables ;) He goes back to Chicago in five days, and we're rounding off all the last things we wanted to do this summer at home. From New Hampshire to New York, we love to travel, and he even stops on the side of the road for me to take pictures.

Sometimes lazy weeks turn into wonderfully adventurous ones.


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