This week in photos // No. 67

What an overdue week!

It was a crazy one for sure. Monday, road trip down to Blackstone/Rhode Island area to say goodbye to my dearest friend before she moved to North Carolina. We had a blast stealing lilacs and walking really old dogs back to their houses (good old Skipper) and eating hibachi and looking at waterfalls. Beach with miss Delia & Rach, ice cream with Hayley & Amanda, the back home crews are back and boy was it wonderful to catch up.

Smack dab in the middle of the week were review boards - they're like my final exams for my major studio class. You put up the best of our work from that semester (or year) and a panel of reviewers (professors, guests, curators, alum, etc) talks to you about your body of work. I was so pleased with my review... and with the semester. 4x5 certainly kicked my ass at times, but it was a great ride. Hard work pays off. Hours in the darkroom perfecting my craft paid off. To have Nick Nixon and the curator at the Museum of Fine Arts beaming over your work... all the work paid off.

Friday started the boy's birthday bash weekend up at Lake Winnipesaukee -- one of the best vacations I've had in a while. Stops to get fudge and lipstick candy at the old yellow Country Store that has a very crooked porch and some gigantic pickles that you pluck out of a barrel, the greatest potstickers I've ever had the pleasure of eating in my life (thanks Canoe), ice cream via boat, early morning kayak trips, strawberry nutella crepes with candles in them, naps every afternoon, and the biggest belly laughs I can remember. 

Sprinkled in-between as usual were the print orders off to the post office, wedding meetings, engagement shoot bookings, emails upon emails, commercial work submissions... and my favorite, I get my Getty statement on the 20th. Top print advertising client this month? Glamour Magazine France! Woohoo! 

I'm off to another lovely destination this weekend... will be another late blog, but sometimes you have to just enjoy being out of the office and letting life happen.

Until next week...



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