This week in photos // No. 64

What a GORGEOUS week! I hope everyone got a chance to just enjoy the beautiful weather. This week, I had 5 rolls of film developed, wrestled with some very fogged 4x5 negatives, and somehow found time to write two ten page papers and hand print three 16x20's and twelve contact prints in the darkroom, and still go out to dinner with Rae. One more week and it's over, I can go back home and not have loads of things on my shoulders.

As a photographer, warm weather is a deep exhale, a breath of inspiration after long winters of little jobs and even less daylight. This time last year, I was shooting 3-4 times a week since March. This year, we were buried under 5 feet of snow (or so it seems). Here's the truth: I haven't been shooting. I haven't done a single styled shoot this semester. 4x5 has taken over my life, and so has other schoolwork and friends. I constantly feel guilty for not going out and taking pictures during the week. In reality, I'm taking pictures constantly. I'm spending countless hours in the darkroom, marketing for my business, keeping up with client emails and my amazing wedding couples. I firmly stand behind the belief that you shouldn't force yourself to shoot. Getting a kick in the butt to go out is one thing, but when you don't want to shoot, dragging yourself outside when you know there are other priorities you should be taking care of is not the best course of action. 

So yes, Lena Mirisola has not been shooting up a storm like Spring 2014. This summer will kickstart shooting again, but from one photographer to another, stress is an option. If you don't feel like shooting, you're not a bad photographer. If you have other things on your plate than putting together styled shoots for yourself, you're not a lazy artist. Inspiration and availability come in waves; there is little sense in swimming against the current when you can wait for a wave to bring you in.

I hope you all have a beautiful week.


Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.