This week in photos // No. 60

This week? Wow.

Monday, I returned to the first escape off of Huntington with Rae as we walked to Chatime lugging around my 4x5. I thought about how beautiful Newbury Street is at night as I hopped from store to store being Lena the wardrobe stylist again buying floral dresses for a very special assignment. I processed film and hung up gorgeous wet negatives. Tuesday, I met the best little Emily for the best lemongrass chicken vermicelli in Boston at Pho Basil. 

I shot the cover of the Boston Globe Magazine on a bright, blue skied day on a roof in boston's financial district. It was incredible. Pick up a copy next sunday on april 12th <3 

{Behind the scenes post will come soon; can't post anything before the print date} 

Wednesday, I caught up on editing and printed late night in the darkroom. Thursday, I took the morning and went returning on Newbury Street, and I can't explain how much I love shopping at Trader Joes by myself, sitting down for a bubble tea and doing errands in the sun without a care in the world. Friday, my class went to the Harvard Art Museum, and we bounced around having the best time in the world gawking at Diane Arbus's prints. Our first ever Shake Shack experience in Harvard Square = glorious. Photo talks with the girls in class. I shot slides on slides of 4x5 and processed that night, all after walking to Northeastern campus with my dearest friends for a burrito. Saturday, I was taken up to this secret spot of my sunshine's, and we caught the last bit of sun setting behind the city as we saw planes fly up into the sky from Logan. Pad thai. I woke up this Easter Sunday to full dark slides of midnight photo shoot film, and walked to Caffe Bene, my favorite spot for Korean shaved ice (bingsu). I got to process more negs and just reflect on how incredible this week has been.

My April has started with a whole lot of happiness.... good things are in the works. I love you all.


Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.