This week in photos // No. 58

A busy week, but a quiet one for This Week in Photos.

Some weeks I'm on top of my Instagram game, but this just wasn't one of them. It was fantastic, don't get me wrong - surprise breakfasts, hours and hours spent in the darkroom printing, photographing on sheet after sheet of 4x5 film, spending time with friends, shooting a WONDERFUL City Hall elopement, and being over the moon happy in general. Minus the weather... I, among many others, have been terribly disappointed with this "spring" weather. 20 degrees and windy? Please just send 45 degrees and above. 

The big event this week got its very own blog post - see my 20x24 Polaroid shoot HERE!

Enjoy the last week of March, XO


Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

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