This week in photos // No. 57


This year I went down to Philadelphia for the very first time! The amazing Ernesto Bazan, photographer and founder of Bazan Photo Publishing and crew were down in Exton printing one of his student's books - Willard Pate's "with animals". My god, talk about incredible street photography. Gorgeous black and white film from all over the world. Seeing the printing process up close and personal was a fantastic learning experience. Detail down to the pixel! The staff at Brilliant Studio was so knowledgeable and warm and welcoming. 

Barb and I had the usual adventures... getting our rental car stuck in a mud hole, pushed out by a very kind construction worker, invited into the farmhouse they were remodeling from 1823... the usual pulling over on main roads to run through overgrown bush to explore abandoned stone houses, freaking out over Andrew Wyeth's drawings at the Wyeth Museum, and bopping around downtown Philadelphia, winding down cobblestone streets and dying over the food.

This little city/country Pennsylvaniaventure was a great little getaway.

Also fun news this week - PDN was printed! :D I was honored to have placed in their bi-annual contest for students - check out the winning work here

I'm back in the darkroom for the second day straight, back on that school/bubble tea grind. Until next week...


And back home...

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