This week in photos // No. 55

In like a lion, out like a lamb. Happy March!

I went out today in the bitter wind that whipped around some light snow. Man, I'm ready for spring. I'm ready to be eager to walk outside again and to put an end to the three-socks-at-once fiasco. My shoe game is seriously suffering wearing clunky waterproof snow boots 24/7. 

What a busy week though, full of photos on photos on photos, processing, developing, and darkroom printing for hours and days, and shooting a bit of digital in-between. It was a week of general happiness and new beginnings. I got some amazing news about being published in one of my favorite photo magazines in their bi-annual college/grad student edition - so honored and giddy to be printed in PDN later this month. And I got to meet little Baby Z finally! Throwback to those maternity photos at the MFA a few weeks back? Well Zachary made his appearance into the world and we (more me, not him) had a lot of fun photographing all of his six pounds of cuteness. 

It's the last week before spring break, even though it feels like we don't really deserve any kind of break from school. Can't complain! Pad Thai is on its way right now, I'm editing gorgeous newborn photos, and I splurged at Trader Joe's and got my favorite chocolate covered sunflower seeds. It's a lovely Sunday indeed... hope you're enjoying yours too!



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