This week in photos // No. 54

This week was freezing to the bone, as you all know. I didn't step outside until Thursday... because I visit Chinatown so often, I thought it would be a shame to not take a trip over there on one of the most fun days of the year - Lunar New Year! Miss Claire & Sarahrae joined me, and we got bubble tea and took pictures and it was even decently nice out... for a little while at least.

I've been shooting and darkroom-ing nonstop; I'm having so much fun with large format, surprisingly... so it's been CrystalCrystalCrystal shooting like crazy ;) 

Hmm what else? I signed a lease for my first apartment ever! Ah! Breakfast with Barb & Anna and the crew back home, twas an adventure as always. And how could I forget... a very special someone made a surprise visit from Chicago on Saturday night. Showed up in my building and sent me a video asking to let me in. Oh, how magical and exciting everything is when you're twenty.

It's been a week of slush puddle jumping, dark slides, and feeling extra grateful for friendship.

Stay warm, let's all hope this is the last of the arctic tundra weather and snow.


(Seriously terrible work scan, will be doing a real one eventually!!!)

(Seriously terrible work scan, will be doing a real one eventually!!!)

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