This week in photos // No. 5

This week was a nice one. It kickstarted with some amazing dinner made in the dorm's kitchen shared with friends. The week was full of art, hours of it. I spent a lot of time in the library... especially by the heater. There was stress, and sadness, and anger, but also happiness and love.

I came back from school with a very-much-missed ride home with Mr. Tom, and dinner that I'm still drooling over at Barb's. It was my dear's birthday on Friday (Valentine's Day) and we celebrated every night this weekend back home. This week I spur-of-the-moment booked a flight to Chicago for a grand adventure. I spent Saturday with Chatty Kathy (aka Avery) shooting a video of her for school. If only you could hear some of the things she says in it... the whole thing will be overdubbed, but the raw footage audio is just hilarious. We had a visit from Catie on Sunday and made a trip to Spring Brook Farm, where I scarfed down an entire caramelized onion focaccia (or fa-cha-cha as I call it). I've got another loaf in my bag that I'm eyeing in my bag on the train at the moment.

The weeks feel like months, they go by so quickly that it's hard to fathom that all these events and emotions happened in the past 7 days. I miss my best friend tremendously. Life gets rough sometimes, but you still have to make decisions and go on living with the hope that tomorrow will be better. But here they all are, images from a week in my (wet, cold, slushy) shoes.


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