This week in photos // No. 49

Wow coldest week of my life!

My best friend / lovely past model / amazing human and I took a little trip down to NYC during the arctic freeze thing... brilliant! We bundled up and walked around the city, bouncing from one place to another before our fingers would go numb for that stretch of time. It was Rae's first time EVER in New York, so everything was so exciting! We did all the classics, had some AMAZING I mean amazing food, and had lots of laughs. It was exhausting, but awesome.

I went to Boston for the night before we left and discovered the best little hole in the wall dumpling place. Best soup dumplings in the history of ever, says Lena. All in all, great week. This coming week will be even better, I'm going down to visit the infamous Shlee today and moving back to Boston midweek! Yay! Citygrams again!


AND - Film from NYC!

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