This week in photos // No. 47

Hi everyone! Christmas week came and went by in the blink of an eye. Am I getting older or something? Yikes. Early in the week I was shooting at sunrise with Hayley around the NH border, then Christmas came and it was full of family and friends and FOOD, so much food. I shot after Christmas with the stunner Kate on the fabled Mount Wassford (it's real, trust us), followed by probably a hundred hours of Hulu and doing absolutely nothing. I think I'm settling into this whole wake up at 10am instead of 7am thing...

I hope you all had a relaxing, loving, fabulous holiday full of your favorite people and tons of chocolate. Let's see what the new year brings!


It was a short little week in photos as far as my phone was concerned... but I had two incredible shoots with Kate & Hayley, here are some snippets, and view those shoots HERE and HERE!

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