This week in photos // No. 45 & 46

I must admit, I've been pretty negligent when it comes to This Week in Photos. Last week.... I was out and about and just not feeling it. Life happens. I've actually been shooting a whole bunch now that the semester is over, and it's like a breath of fresh air. I'm falling in love with digital again. Darling, how I've missed you... if you missed it, Phoebe & Michelle's GORGEOUS shoot went live last week here!

First off: when can I go back?! It's such a culture shock from the city to the country. Everything closes at 9pm. There are four or so people I make time to see here. Yes, fast internet and free food, but I have been banging my head against a wall when I'm not watching Netflix trying to figure out what to DO with my life. I'm not used to sitting still.... a month more of this? I think I'll stay over next weekend at the dorms, luckily they're open, to breathe some winter city air and order take out at midnight. Also, 24/7 models on call are not a thing here!

Second: Christmas is this week?!?! It feels so weird. My family is moving to Florida in 2015, so this is our last Christmas in the home I grew up in. Everything is just weird! AH!

And third: I hope all your holidays are going well. Hug your family, tell your friends how much you love them, be present in the moment and count your blessings. It's a time for eating sweets without guilt and making memories. Make it count!

I ordered some super cool camera patent posters for my apartment next year. Too early? Nah ;) I just can't wait to get back to Boston, walk around, shoot, take pictures of places I've never seen before... ah, the romance of it all.

From me to you, have a VERY merry holiday full of happiness and love.



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