This week in photos // No. 44

Finals. Week.

I've spent 30+ hours in the darkroom this week working tediously to make perfect prints up to code with my professor, on top of attending class, on top of making Kallitypes for my Alternative Processes class, finished my 10 page essay for Civil Liberties, currently working on my 10 pager for Literary Traditions, and just trying to manage all this work along with business stuff and deadlines and AH! So it's a short little week in photos, just because of the busy bee syndrome. I am DONE yes I repeat DONE this Thursday though... so cheers to that! Four. More. Days.

I took lots of photos, printed even more, tried my hand at roller skating down the hallways of the photo department.... took a nice digger down the hallways of the photo department, watched the rain on Huntington Ave at 2am, listened to a whole lot of music, and ate a whole lot of Ramen... oh boy.

Look alive, sunshine...


Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

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