This week in photos // No 42 & 43

AH! What an amazing two weeks it's been.

Last Sunday, we had a major shutdown for all electricity and the network on campus so... no blog last week. Boo!

These two weeks have been so full of adventures. Snowy ones, city ones, farm ones, delicious food ones, film ones... I had such a great time seeing family & friends back home at Thanksgiving, but I took the first train I could back to Boston a few days earlier than expected. It's just too much fun here. The cold has been bearable (for the most part) and the pictures have been especially beautiful. I'm thankful for all I have. I hope you are too! 

Cheers to family, friends, and lots of photos.



Because other than shooting with my phone like all of these, I pretty much always shoot with my film camera - here are some sneak peeks of some film I've shot and processed these past few weeks!

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