This week in photos // No. 41

Urban exploration, lots of photos, broken cameras, new cameras, brownies, high school friends, MIT, Chinatown, a very Gatsby birthday party, and an influx of naked people. 

Time seems to be flying by madly lately... I miss home, and spending mornings with Auntie and seeing my mom when she gets home from work and driving to Barb's to edit and eat popcorn or spin to the farm, but I feel like dragging my heels kicking and screaming when I think about moving back for six weeks for winter break (in a short three weeks I may add). I'll enjoy relaxing and shaking off responsibilities, but I feel like I'm going to be dying to see all my friends again and driving in the snow scares me, so there's that. Rae reminded me of something wonderful, the fact that we're all coming back in January. Everything is temporary. Enjoy the now.


Lena Mirisola

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