This week in photos // No. 4

This week in photos! I had a great snow day midweek, shooting with Miss Becky again! I did lots of homework during the week, but also went on tons of freezing cold adventures around the city. This cool new Bubble Tea Cafe opened up right next to the Symphony t-stop on the E Line - Kung Fu Tea! It's super delicious and really clean & modern inside. My best friend came to MassArt on Friday and we had a big celebration in Chinatown at My Thai Vegan Cafe. The food is bomb there, especially coming from a meat lover. The next morning I took the train home to see my recovering mom and shoot the always beautiful Kate for a film assignment. I saw the Lego Movie for date night, and I laughed through the whole thing. It was actually an awesome movie, I might be seeing it again next weekend, haha! Top off the week with Panera breakfast with my dear Rach and love at the Peacock house... and gourmet cooking back at the dorm. What a wonderful week indeed.

Xo, LM


Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

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