This week in photos // No. 35

Ah, week 35. Last week ever of being a teenager. It feels so weird. But then again, as anyone who knows me will understand, have I really ever been a normal teenager?

It's a short week in photos because I've been spending mad hours in the darkroom catching up on all the work I missed from NYC. I've been printing up a storm... and scanning along the way; you can see my recent film work here! On the whole, it's been a rainy, crappy week. And freezing cold... I was so ready for sweater weather, but now all I want is a warm summer day where my toes aren't falling off. But Crystal and I braved the gross Boston weather and had an amazing shoot... if you missed it, it's HERE!

I spent my birthday with my closest friends in Chinatown and got to see my family at Strega Waterfront the next day. Those guys are the greatest.

Next week, let's do this.

Lena Mirisola

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