This week in photos // No. 34

New York, New York.

This week I headed down to the big city to assist on a commercial shoot for Barb! I got back last night, and boy was it an amazing time. Playing with kids. Eating at incredible restaurants. Shopping. Meeting the rad photographer Basil Vargas. Going to Koreatown for bubble tea. Chelsea Market in all its glory. Shooting film. Manicures in Chinatown. Dinners in Soho. Pretty much, it was just an amazing getaway from real life.

If you're in the city, definitely hit up these restaurants --

Buddakan // Seven Bistro // Lucky Strike // Sofia's of Little Italy

Now it's back to work. So much work. It's crazy how behind I am. BUT, it was definitely worth it.

Now this week is my LAST week of being a teenager... AH!

I'll save that for next week's blog.


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