This week in photos // No. 32

This week, I finally got to attend all my classes! All but one are just fantastic. It still feels odd having "shoot four rolls of film" on my homework to-do list. So far at least, I'd say I have a very manageable workload.

I've been enjoying all the splendors of the photo department here, finally making my way back into the darkroom. I started shooting again digitally as well -- kicking off the season with the beautiful Ashley in the rose garden. I shot with Rae in the North End, and a bunch of lovelies at the park yesterday as well. The week was dabbled with farmers market trips, the celebration of my new film camera, Chinatown, cyanotypes, and of course, a little bit of Mike's Pastry.

It's getting chillier now... my feet have been freezing nonstop for the past few days. Time to invest in some fuzzy socks... until next week....


Lena Mirisola

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