This week in photos // No. 30

Hi Folks! My last week in Westford is all here! :)

My week was FULL of shoots... nine of them! Ahh! I was shooting sunrise & sunset... I'm exhausted to say the least. I had a blast on them though - I can't wait to share the pictures once I'm done! Especially my long anticipated engagement shoot with M&M... 

Packing, saying goodbye, dinner dates, river tubing, and lots of ice cream... All I can say is it sure doesn't feel like I was at Lakeside shooting senior portraits THIS morning.

To my fall chapter of Young, Wild & Free...


Today was also MOVE IN DAY!

I now live in apartment style dorms... it's HUGE, my room is bigger than my room at home, and I didn't expect all the excitement that would come from seeing all my MassArt babies again. If you want a peek at my dorm...

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