This week in photos // No. 24

This week in photos is a bit of a small one!

I've been working all week, planning shoots after my trip, uploading and keywording stock submits, prepping files, doing album design, packaging orders... the usual.

Went to the temple for meditation on Wednesday... for a much needed talk from Ajahn. Impermanence, being present in the moment... "peace is the best happiness."

My new business cards came in, they match the updated website if anyone checked it out -- I feel like I change my branding too often, but the fact is, I'm constantly evolving. I'm constantly trying to market to brides, and families at the same time, along with trying to please art directors with my commercial work. All on one website! It's sooo tough! I'm keeping it clean, classy, and fabulous, all from your favorite 19 year old who's trying hard to please everyone.

And of course... Saturday's wedding! Wishing all the love in the world to Kristin & Matt.... married at the Decordova Sculpture Park & Museum and partied at Kimball Farm here in Westford! It was BEYOND fun, I'm so excited for the pictures!!! We all just had a ball. Check out a sneak preview on my Facebook page!

That's all for now... jetting off to the golden coast in 36 hours! Yahoo!

Xo, LM


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