This week in photos // No. 22 & 23

After a crazy two weeks, I have a SUPER big This Week in Photos up on the blog! 

A lot of things have happened - my book(s) came in and so did my leave-behinds, Kristen & Jordan tied the knot, I bought my first car (fondly named The Black Stallion) and got rid of my somewhat beloved old one, had a much overdue visit from my best friend from college, went to New York City with my lovies, walked across pebbly beaches in Salem followed by $2 taco night, babysat the dogs for a week, said goodbye to Mikey leaving for Chicago, countless bonfires and parties. So here it all is in photos!

I've got four rolls of film sent out getting developed.... NYC & beach pictures coming soon!

Xo, LM


Lena Mirisola

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