This week in photos // No. 21

Happy June!

This week's been a FABULOUS one - tons of craziness, happiness, sadness, everything.

Monday, warm day, swinging on the hammock while Barb gardened. I designed my book, and Barb and I did a big overhaul of it! It's looking great. Bonfires with the boys, long work days with Barb... spending time with my girls, all of them this week!

We had a little laptop incident with water and a brand new MacBook, so after eating a whole bag of Dove chocolates, we road tripped up to Derry, NH to the Mac experts and boy did they work a miracle. Ripped the Apple Store a new one over the phone... what a wild 24 hours that experience was. 

I shot with Kate, the last shoot to be in my book, and holy moly was it incredible. No words! It'll be posted early this week.

Connor and I drove into Boston to meet Mikey for some awesome Vietnamese lunch at Bon Me in Cambridge, and to go shopping at Blick for art supplies. Went on trips to the mall, had some amazing heart to hearts, and really just dealt with life this week. 

Wedding day today... a HUGE congrats to Kristen & Jordan! I'm leaving in an hour, it's sure to be an awesome time!

Until next week,



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