This week in photos // No. 19

I'm sitting here in my room, just cleaned, listening to my Frank Sinatra Pandora playlist trying to settle my headache. This week... it's been a good one I suppose! 

We kicked off with an I Love Mondays mini road trip through Concord - shopping for Wednesday's casting and stopping along the way to say hello to the sheep. On Wednesday, 6am wakeup, at the Regency at 7:30am for the casting! Barb is shooting a library of images for them in July (guess who's doing wardrobe, styling & editing?) so the local model casting was this week. They also shot their commercials in her house! I got to hire my FAVORITE assistant Hayley, who helped us out with Family Fun Magazine last April or May. We got to meet a ton of cute kiddos and I took their pictures while Barb and the ladies from took notes. Exhausting day till 8pm!

The rest of the week was just for relaxin, getting ice cream, bonfires, shopping, walking in the rain... I also got to finally meet the cutest bebe in the world... #harperdeb! That's her momma's hashtag for her on Instagram, I always love seeing her cutey face there! We had a fabulous shoot in the orchard last night. It's been a busy bee week... filled with hours of work on an announcement I'll be making tomorrow! :)



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