This week in photos // No. 18

What a fabulous week!!!!

We kicked off the week on Monday with a little road trip to Maine - three photographers, antique shops, fried clams, and beach shooting galore. We all had so much fun, take a look at the pictures and our wild adventures here! I got to see my girlies Delia & Rachael a few times this week, going to the mall and tie-dying shirts in the driveway. The beautiful Shlee celebrated her 19th birthday with all of us at her home in Milford, so I drove down and enjoyed a night with the best food and met her super cool mom. I shot the amazing Hayley & Amanda at the carnival, their pictures came out great - see them here too! Good food in-between, good friends, and I got to see a copy of the May issue of Family Fun Magazine with my name in it!!! Wheeeee!!! Oh, and I got my epic portrait taken, which as of today is now in the Maine blog! I'm having the time of my life back home with all the amazing people around here. 

Cheers to this beautiful weekend,



Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

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