This week in photos // No. 17

Happy May, everyone!

It's been a whirlwind of a week. This week was finals week! I had most of my work done, but we had all our finals critiques and exams. Stressful to say the least. On Tuesday, I ran out of my drawing crit to meet my good friend Jon Medina - a photographer and clothing line creator from Cincinnati! We've been friends for four years now online, Skyping, sending packages back and forth. Finally he flew into Boston and we FINALLY got to hug in person!Watching him walk around Boston loving every inch of the city was so exciting, and he almost cried tears of joy in the Johnny Cupcakes store on Newbury Street. I had my last stock shoot in Boston for the year, and believe me, it kicked ass. Breakfast at Starbucks with Shlee, chasing Curtis up and down 20 flights of the Treehouse stairs... we had our last family dinner, and I took my final exam and moved out within 45 minutes of finishing. I said goodbye to some amazing people... but I got two rolls of film developed yesterday of my last 3 weeks of freshman year. And they're fabulous!

Coming home was amazing. I got wildly carsick on the two hour traffic-filled ride home, but once I walked in and unpacked and set up my bed again, everything was perfect. I got to see my babies Hayley & Amanda and go flea marketing with Barb & Landon. I spent the afternoon with my grammy and family, playing Left Right Center and now I'm kickin' it in sweatpants at the Peacock's blogging and listening to all of Mr. Tom's sass. 

Also.. in other news.. I'm traveling to Boutenac, France at the end of July for an artist's retreat/workshop with Barb... then visiting Barcelona & Paris, ending with a stay in London for a few days with a an amazing photographer and her family!

Life. Live it.


Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there - especially my amazing one! Everything I've ever accomplished, she's been there right beside me cheering me on louder than anyone else in this world. I'm lucky to have someone like that in my life!

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