This week in photos // No. 16

This week has been full of adventures, full of shoots, and multiple trips to Chinatown. Which happens to be where Ryan swallowed his tongue bar on Friday, but he hasn't keeled over yet so we think he's going to be okay at this point.


I have five days left of my freshman year of college. It's crazy how fast time has passed, but I can't wait to go home. I'm spending my last days here with the best of people, enjoying the sunrises and sunsets from the 16th floor view I won't have again next year, and finishing up my finals. I have some VERY exciting things happening this week... I have a very dear friend flying in from Cincinnati, and I can NOT wait to meet him in person!!!! It's been four years of awesome friendship; he's a fellow photographer & clothing line owner, and all around nicest dude ever. Stay tuned for pics on next week's blog... it's going to be 64 and sunny when he gets here, and I'm just psyched.

Here's to FINALS WEEK! Here's to finding my happy place, my zen, to calming down and enjoying what time I have left.

Also - big news - I finished all of Joanna & Ryan's wedding pictures this week too! So exciting! See their beautiful day here if you haven't already!


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