This week in photos // No. 15

Boy, what a week of up and downs. There's been a hailstorm of shit from all different directions, but all through it somehow, there's been side splitting laughter and loving and joy and craziness. I spent the week counting down the hours of class left until move out. I shot like a crazy person... full shoots on Wednesday (a double that day actually), Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They all turned out great, and I've gotten done with editing 9 shoots in the past week and I'm more 3/4 done with wedding pictures. They're looking fantastic, I'm so happy with them :) 

Two more weeks, and I'm home. Less than that, actually. Home with my car, home to driving at the break of dawn to go antiquing with Barb, home to eat dinner with my Mom & Auntie, home to go to the mall and to swing by Panera, home to shoot at the orchard, home to poke fun at Mr. Tom, home to see my favorite people again. I miss it a lot, and I'm just itching to go back. 

Did I mention that the cute college age beanie wearing Panera delivery guy told me I was pretty?

Good things happen no matter what kind of week it is.

It's been 15 weeks here since second semester began, 15 weeks of photos, 15 weeks living in my shoes through the good and bad. Here's to another one...


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