This week in photos // No. 12

Afternoon everyone!

It's the 3 month mark of This Week In Photos, thanks for coming along for the ride!

This week. Hmm... lots of homework. Billy Shakes and crew surprised me with a visit, the happiest I've been in a while. Those two are great. On Tuesday, Claire and I ditched class to go to a photo lecture then went to the North End to shoot - some of the best pictures I've taken in my life! We had a ton of fun, she's such a great girl. Had a lovely sushi/udon date night with Jackiie & Sachi over in Mission Hill... all my models are friends! <3 I love it! Thursday Barb made it into Boston, and Rae and I modeled for her new overnight bags for Vintage Chic. She got to meet all my friends and I was so happy! We went from there to this awesome vegan place in Chinatown and then to the prescreening of Finding Vivian Maier, a photography documentary I've been counting down for months to see. I cried. It was amazing. I just got back from being home for the weekend today and on the way home, met up with Zeina to shoot! We couldn't resist going out for Thai because the library doesn't open until 1, apparently ;) Keep an eye out this week for teasers and her full shoot!

My weeks never seem hectic or busy until I write about them. Friends, class, homework, projects, family, Netflix... the amount of things that happen to me each week is huge. I'm real good at juggling I guess. I'm not really feeling like an eloquent writer today, I'm about to fall asleep with the warm sun on my back. So pardon me! :)

Also - I received a great question today - "How do you carry your camera around everywhere?" 

Answer: I don't! No way in hell, it weighs more than my laptop! :) All the Photos of the Week are taken on my iPhone. Only one photo I believe from 12 weeks is from my actual camera. This is all Instasnaps! Just so you guys know.

Talk soon,



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