This week in photos // No. 11

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to This Week in Photos! 

Had a lovely short week, only three days of classes! I had class at MIT on Monday, so I got to see some great films in their gallery and hit The Garment District after ;) can't help but go shopping, I was already in Cambridge after all. Drawing class was fun (for once?), and my darling friend Claire and I planned our five day weekend photo road trip in a few weeks! We're going to Nantucket or Maine, haven't fully decided yet. I HAVE however started to shop for wardrobe already... not a surprise though. I shot my very own (terrible) movie on the Bolex on 16mm film on Wednesday, accompanied by Shlee, Curt & Brandon. Brandon's teaching me more sign language every week, I've been really learning! Still not proficient, but I can get through class :) I registered for classes next year and I'm really looking forward to being in my major and out of foundation year. Medium format 10 hours a week, followed by a portrait class, literature, and hopefully entrepreneurship or financial literacy. Sounds like an amazing schedule to me! I caught up with my darling Delia for dinner at Thai Basil on Newbury Street Friday night, I've missed her a lot and we always have a great time when we catch up. Finally, I shot with the amazing Jackiie & Sachi - these two floral cupcakey colorful feminine BEAUTIES were fabulous in front of the lens and off as well. You can see their full shoot here

Today has been so relaxing with the rain, the peace and quiet, everything. It's a really grey, foggy day, but it's rather beautiful.

Also I joined Google+ finally... feel free to add me to your circle! 

I hope you all had a cool week. Find a way to bring meaning into your life, find time to do little things for yourself, and find time to do things for others.

All my love,



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