This week in photos // No. 10

Double digits hit the little series This Week in Photos! It's crazy how fast time flies.

This week I worked my ass off drawing, writing essays & responses, and getting my work done for classes. On Friday morning, Barb & I took a bus down to NYC to see the premiere of A Birder's Guide to Everything. Our good friend Tom Richmond shot the movie (he's an amazing cinematographer!), so we hiked down to the premiere in the East Village. The film was incredible - shot beautifully, and the actors were well beyond their age in skill level. I'm definitely watching it again with my friends here, everyone should see it! We shot on a rooftop downtown at sunset that evening, then had dinner at an amazing restaurant called The Smith. The next morning we hit three (yes three) French patisseries in SoHo in a two hour span and then walked over to Chinatown to do a little shopping. We drove home from there with Tom and took a little detour through upstate New York... the car had to pull over multiple times for beautiful farm country photo-ops. The pains of traveling with photographers!

I just got back to Boston today and wrapped up a shoot with the amazing Rosie at The Fens, I'm finishing up NYC pics and will have Rosie's photos up by the end of the week, so keep an eye out!

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