// The kids are alright




The Kids Are Alright has been a shoot in progress for over 2 months now. It was my first production shoot - I had five models, an antique convertible, a crazy beach day. 

Of course, Murphy reared its ugly head and everything that could go wrong... pretty much did. I rented underwater housing for my camera for a section of the shoot that was planned to be in a pool - then I got a call saying their last housing had broken and they weren't getting it repaired because my camera isn't being manufactured anymore. I find a beautiful vintage multicolor VW Bug... the engine is shot and is getting a new one in from California. I cut out half of my shoot, I was scrambling for my last model, and on top of it, the weather predicted rain, rain, rain. I got another car, but not if it was going to rain. I was a mess - stressed for days before the shoot, overwhelmed, never knowing whether to cancel... these poor kids already took off work, some were coming from an hour to two hours away. Everything was terrible!

The cherry on top was the fact that I was doing this as one of the last shoots for my book - I'm on a deadline to get it printed by June 5th, to bring to California for my interviews. Stressful much?!

Miss Emily Brown kept me sane via Twitter... and I eventually made peace with the fact that I would have zero sun to work with and packed plastic garbage bags and rain boots to romp around with.

All the kids came to the house, got dressed, and the second we arrived at the beach, I turned and saw that car.... and died of happiness. I couldn't stop smiling... that kicked off the rest of the day!

My models were happy, I was happy... sun or no sun, we laughed and screamed and ran around the beach. Throwing Skittles, Twizzlers hanging out of our mouths, splashing each other and pretending to play the guitar. 

Emily, Hayley, Sarah, John, and Austin - you are incredible. To my producer Barb and assistant Jenny - I couldn't have done it without you! And a HUGE thank you to Ed for the beautiful '57 Ford!

Behind the scenes shots HERE!

And although there were trials and tribulations... the kids are alright.

Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.