The G Family // October sunshine

My one and only family session of the fall back home. Sad but exciting - I've been very busy and happy in Boston, and last year, I went home almost every weekend. I never really adjusted to school. So this year, I just stopped going back! I have so much fun spending my weekends in the darkroom, bouncing around the city, enjoying the weather while I can. I painfully have had to turn down 15+ seniors, families, etc because of the lack of transportation options and all the darkroom work I have to do here.

However... I got a lovely request from one of my beloved art teachers from high school, Mrs. G!!! How could I not?! I remember when she was pregnant with Gideon Atlas (best name ever), teaching us how to draw still lifes, having Mr. Hardy for most of the next year when she went on maternity leave. Well, fast forward a few years, and there's another beautiful baby boy! I had so much fun meeting her family and traumatizing Gideon when I told him I was going to eat his Kix. Nah, he had a ton of fun. I suppose the newest member of the family didn't have such a good time though... it's hard being 3 months old, after all.

Here's to a GORGEOUS family full of art & optometry running through their veins ;)

Lena Mirisola

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