what to wear

What should I wear? // The wardrobe guide

Contract signed, shoot booked - that was easy! But wait - oh no... like a salty ocean wave, uncertainty hits you:

"What should we wear?!"

Never fear! Here is a handy guide to help you through the process!


White shirts and khakis? Not anymore. Find a palette and coordinate using that - if you love light, bright fabrics in photos, then creams, whites, light pinks, and beiges will look great. Mix and match tops and bottoms in that color, but have some of the family in jeans, one in a cream lace dress, another in khaki pants and a patterned pink button up. I'm not as much of a dress girl - I buy them and never end up wearing them. BUT, when I'm being photographed, I'm usually in a dress. I LOVE the way dresses photograph whether it's in a field or in a city.



Solids are great, and so are patterns! The trick is to coordinate them well. Majority solids, minority patterns. Coming with your partner? Mix a patterned dress with a pair of jeans and a solid button down. Or, if she's wearing a solid colored dress, he can wear a plaid shirt with grey pants. When in doubt, especially for guys - plaid is always a yes. Thin stripes are great, too!



Textured clothes look fantastic on camera. Instead of a plain button down, think about wearing one with a textured stitch and little speckles throughout. Lace is my favorite texture - it photographs SO beautifully! And sweaters? YES! Fuzzy knitted sweaters for the chillier months give outfits delicious texture.



Especially in colder months, layers are great. They add great dimension to photographs. Wearing cardigans over a blouse, a jean jacket over a dress, textured socks coming out of boots... it gives you a second look without having to change clothes. Steer away from any kind of formal wear for adults. No dressy shoes or dress pants, NO ties... but for kids, suspenders on little boys and bow ties make me melt! Dresses and bows on little girls are way too cute, too. 



It's important to think about the environment you're being photographed in when it comes to colors. Across the board, I recommend lighter and more neutral colors. Creams, pinks, beiges, mustard/golds, and whites. These colors look especially fantastic for golden fields and forests. Natural settings = earth tones. If you're running around Boston with me, pops of color are fantastic! The city is more grey/blue/silver, so a bright pop of mint green with an orange statement necklace and some bright heels is great! Go with a color slightly off from the color wheel - mustard instead of bright yellow, maroon instead of bright red, navy instead of blue. Stick with lighter, not darker. No the time to wear all black! And above all - NO neon. It makes color casts onto your face, so steer clear!



The funny thing is, shoes aren't really seen much - unless they stick out like a sore thumb. This is not the time to wear Nike's! Classic sneakers like Converse or Vans are always in style, sandals for ladies but no flip flops unless we're kicking it at the beach! Cute boots are a must for the chillier months. 



Most frequent comment I get about wardrobe after a shoot - "Crap, my bra straps were showing!" I'll always let you know, but to fix this beforehand, if you're wearing an off the shoulder shirt and want them in the photos - great! If you don't want your straps peeking out - wear a shirt that from every angle in the mirror, doesn't pop out. This includes from the back, sides, and front. Wear a strapless bra if it's a problem shirt/dress or if it's the band by your underarms showing, wear a bandeau over your bra.



You want your clothing to compliment YOU, not the other way around! Choose something you feel absolutely amazing and totally comfortable in. Your smile, your laugh and your face is the main event, not the clothing. The clothing compliments you and your personality! You're bright and bubbly and love polka dots? Show me polka dots! Preppy and love all things nautical? Hand over the J Crew catalog.



NAILS - Ladies, HAIR ELASTICS! Remember to take them off your wrists. Have your nails clean or painted, nothing in-between! Chipped polish will show when I take close-ups. Bring chapstick or lip gloss to reapply during your shoot, even non-tinted makes a wonderful difference :)


Coordinate, don't match perfectly.

Pick a color palette and run with it

Mix solids and patterns

Texture = great

You can never go wrong with a mix of creams, pinks, beiges, mustard/golds, and whites + LACE

Leave running shoes at home, wear cute + functional shoes

Low stress - wear what makes you feel amazing.