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Published: MV Islands Magazine

Thank you so much to Martha’s Vineyard Magazine: Island Weddings for my first COVER!!! AHHH!!!

"The best part of the wedding," said bride Ana, "was the fact that it happened at all.” A series of unfortunate events, from the bride being hospitalized for kidney stones three days before she was supposed to travel to the Island from her home outside of Boston, to missing a ferry, to getting readmitted to another hospital for a kidney infection, and then finally making it to the Island only to be on the receiving end of a hit and run after dinner one night, nearly upended months of planning.⁠


And check out their LM blog post here!

Published: Martha's Vineyard Wedding in Bridal Musings

Ana & Adam's wedding is live on Bridal Musings - but this isn't just any old feature. They broke down every piece of the wedding, talking about their favorite moments, what they danced to, their style choices, inspiration, planning, proposal story... AND THEIR FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER!

Most in-depth wedding feature ever - you get to learn SO MUCH from Ana & Adam!!!

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the sweetest excerpt from the article…

“Ana actually started stalking Lena’s social media years before we were engaged. When Lena launched her wedding business, Ana reached out and confessed that she loved her style, her website, and her eye and was 100% calling her when she got engaged.

Lena was the first vendor Ana emailed when she got engaged. In addition to her pure, raw talent Lena is a gem of a human. She is incredibly bubbly, positive, fun and makes any situation behind the camera feel completely natural. She has a way of making you feel completely at ease while she works and makes every moment fun. She captured the whole spectrum of raw emotions throughout the big day because it felt far more like hanging out with a friend than being photographed. I would say that is what makes working with Lena truly special. She has a wonderful gift of capturing people as they are, in the most beautiful of ways, in what results in the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen. She is a wonder to work with and a true joy to have accompanying you on your big day. In fact, we have become great friends as a result of the process.”


See their full blog HERE!

A garden wedding on Martha's Vineyard at the Beach Plum Inn

A garden wedding on Martha's Vineyard at the Beach Plum Inn

A sunflower garden first look, a joyful seaside ceremony, a vintage VW bus photo booth, a romantic tree swing, rainbow macarons, a dance floor under the stars, and late night apple fritters from Back Door Donuts… yeah, Ana and Adam threw the perfect end of summer bash on Martha’s Vineyard.

Springtime in Martha's Vineyard 2018

Springtime in Martha's Vineyard 2018

4 days, 2 photographers, and 1 epic bicycle ride. Check out our adventures in Martha’s Vineyard - firing up the grill, picnicking on the beach, and chasing the sunset before getting Back Door Donuts!