Chicago Summer 2018 Kickoff

Chicago Summer 2018 Kickoff

Memorial Day weekend and a 25th birthday in Chicago? You better believe it! Check out some good eats, retro bowling, river walks, bike adventures, tiki drinks, and even a HELICOPTER ride!

Bernie // Chicago beauty

They say you can always tell a tourist by which way they're looking - natives look ahead, tourists look up. I mean, I can't really argue with that! My neck is always craned, mesmerized by the sparkly new buildings when I visit a new city. And although this was my third visit to Chicago in a year, I still do that. 

This trip was a little different, because I had so much time to spend doing so many fun things! I was out for 8 days, so I knew I would want to drop the tourist act for a while and do some Young Wild & Free signature shoots in this drop dead gorgeous city. And then came my muse, Miss Bernie.

"WOW" would be the word that comes to mind.

It's a little odd shooting in a city that isn't yours - in Boston, I'm bouncing around in weird alleys, diving across main roads, scoping out parking garages and rooftops, and pretty much know what I'm doing and where I'm going. New city? Not a clue. It's a very "I go where the wind blows" type of situation, but those are good for the soul. Bernie made all my dreams come true of shooting a fantastically stunning young lady in the Loop - she's such a sweetheart. So without further ado, BERNIE everyone!