Sanjiv & Thithya // A charming Beacon Hill engagement

Sanjiv & Thithya pretty much took the cake for LM’s Best Dressed 2k15. Not that there was a contest or anything, but when they walked out of the Arlington T station, I was bubbling excitement at the fact that they were my clients. Thithya flew into Boston from Colorado the previous day, and not only were they both just so excited to see each other again, they were excited for their engagement session that was now three months in the making! They’re tying the knot this February with a traditional Indian wedding, and they’re proud to say that their families really love each other and that they’re looking forward to all the amazing food and celebration that will be taking place in their honor.

For all my Boston shoots, I always start with the gorgeous willow trees in the park, and spontaneously choose which direction in which we will break off - Newbury Street, Chinatown, Copley, Downtown Crossing… but on this crisp fall day, we were walking through the park, and Sanjiv asked, “Can we go to Beacon Hill after this?” I was thrilled; to Beacon Hill we went, and the rest is history.

Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.