Sabrina & Mike // An autumn, nature-filled engagement

“We're both very lucky to have this amazing bond with one another. We truly are soul mates & best friends ❤️ not to mention we’re both pretty hilarious.”

Mike & Sabrina: old souls, lovers, best friends. They love going to concerts on date nights, and they have so much fun tailgating and jamming out together. As Sabrina said, “There’s nothing greater than being at a concert with your best friend!” The pair, accompanied by their SUPER CUTE pup Ray, joined me for a cozy evening in the most incredible field. Moving to Boston and out of Westford has meant no more fields. I love shooting in the city - I adore it! But those fields back home have had my heart for years, so I made a special trip out to the country, and boy was it worth it. Fall may have made the flowers crisp up, but the field is golden and glowing. The sunset was exquisite. And getting SOAKED, I mean doused with champagne was the cherry on top of an amazing night hanging out with Mike & Sabrina. Show them some love!

Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.