How to rock a wedding meeting

So you’ve been emailing back and forth with this couple about their wedding, and finally, you agree to meet. You have to talk to these strangers in person?! Oh god - bring the wine.

Don’t panic!

Let’s walk through how to have a successful client meeting that ends in a booking.

First, choose the meeting place. A private studio or somewhere in your home is ideal, but if you don’t have these kinds of spaces (like me), then you have to pick a public location. Choose wisely - sounds, smells, and atmosphere all subconsciously affect the mood of your meeting. Trust me on this - I once agreed to meet a client at a Burger King... never again.

Meet at a place that fits your branding -  I like to meet my clients at Patisserie on Newbury, because it’s a cozy, French bakery. They sell the most unique European jams, cheeses, coffee, and sweets, plus there is always a smell of freshly baked croissants in the air. Take it up a notch from Starbucks and opt for a local coffee shop instead, or partner with a florist to use their studio. The possibilities are endless.

Have confidence! Smile and give them a big hug hello. Treat them as a congratulations on their engagement. Avoid the awkward “Where do we start?” by asking them about their story - how they met, the proposal, and all the goodies you need to know about them. Listen intently and connect with them - swap stories, laugh, and enjoy some coffee.

Ask your couple how they envision their wedding day. Is it intimate or large? Rustic or modern? What sort of wedding are they planning? This helps segway into the business side of things - ask what kind of coverage they’re looking for. Talk about when they may need a second shooter, how many hours of coverage would work for their day, travel, and all that jazz.

Address their concerns. It is most likely the first and last time they’ll be getting married, so even though this is familiar to you, this is all new to your clients. Be there to give them advice for their timeline, answer their questions about coverage, and reassure their nerves by walking them through your approach to their wedding day. Make sure they feel like they're not just another couple on your checklist. Each and every couple is unique, and they will feel if you genuinely are excited about their day. This meeting is all about connecting and seeing if you both are a good fit. Tell them how to proceed once they decide either way, and also remind them to take their time deciding.

Don’t sign a contract on the spot. This is a big investment for a very important life event - so let your clients have some breathing room to make the final decision. Trust me - if your meeting all goes well, you will hear from them. I have booked every single couple with which I have ever met. It’s all about rocking your confidence and personality, and showing your clients that you are the perfect person for their day.

Do you have any tried-and-true methods to seal the deal? Comment below!

Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.